• You were my familiar face on those lonely days at USF during your classes. Thanks for being a great part of my days back then. Continue to share your gift of Funk with the world. A midst the sea of faces in your classes, might be one person whose life you are touching and making brighter and happier by sharing your gift. Pursue your passion with a vengeance and don't stop till you reach and surpass every set goal. Enjoy another beautiful year more wiser and stronger than the first
    Morenika Arrindell University of South Florida
  • I cannot say enough about how wonderful Nakreshia is.  Her classes are awesome, she is always friendly, encouraging and makes you push yourself to get the most out of your limited workout time.
    Karen Tech Data Wellness Center
  • Nakreshia rocks the house. She is AMAZING, fun, energetic and definitely knowledgeable. I love taking her classes and always feel I get a great workout.
    Tech Data Wellness Center Member ...
  • I can say that she (Nakreshia) is extremely motivating, and professional. When I look to her for advice, she's always ready to provide it. She is well respected and is one of the best instructors/fitness directors that I've had so far.
    Tech Data Wellness Center Member ...
  • She (Nakreshia) is full of energy, skills and knowledge. I enjoy those classes
    Tech Data Wellness Center Member ...